Saúl Ameliach talks about LATIN IOTA and IOTA TANGLE technology

Saúl Ameliach talks about LATIN IOTA and IOTA TANGLE technology

IOTA LATINO is an organization whose objective is to promote the IOTA TANGLE Technology throughout Latin America and the Caribbean; and in this way to create a community that works in each country of our region to disseminate and make known this technology in order to support the IOTA FOUNDATION.

In making it a world standard for the Internet of things and the economy of M2M machines.  We are convinced that IOTA; will soon be the backbone of the Internet of things.

This organization was formed at the end of 2017; seeing the great potential of new DLT technologies and specifically IOTA TANGLE. Unlike the other DLT technologies; it does not use miners and because it does not have to pay the miners for their work, then the transactions are free and because it is free then it is able to process micro payments; something that cannot be done with the other existing DLT technologies.

Saul Ameliach, founder of IOTA Latino  indicates what  is one of the great advantages that this technology has to become a standard for payments of transactions on the Internet especially micro payments; which fits perfectly with the economy of M2M machines (Machine to Machine) In the not too distant future.

So this way, te IOTA expert  personally thinks that; all this will be given in the next decade 2020 – 2030; machines may interact alone and may make transactions between them paying such transactions with IOTAS; which can be done because of the ability of this technology; to make transactions for free.  

Further There is no charge for transferring money from one wallet to another for the previously exposed non-use of miners.  When a transaction is made with the IOTA the devices that intervene will validate the transaction acting as miners; in this way all the devices that intervene in the process become part of the confirmation of the transactions of the network, for example if a device carries out a transaction with the IOTA using the TANGLE; that device must confirm two previous transactions in this way everyone participates.

Saul Ameliach LATIN IOTA

Consultor Gerencial, Especialista en diseño e implementacion de Estrategias Digitales, Desarrollo de nuevos productos y Asesor en aplicaciones Tangle.


In general; to have more transactions in the network slower this is done; but in the case of IOTA works to the contrary; this is because TANGLE is a DLT technology; but different to the BLOCKCHAIN, this instead of using chains and blocks uses something called DAG (DIrected Aciclic Graph); which makes the network behave like a school of fish rather than a chain of blocks.

 For this characteristic IOTA TANGLE; will become not only the standard for the payment in the internet of the things and the economy of the machines, but it will be the standard to store data; in a fast way and guaranteeing the immutability of the information.

Information that is stored in the TANGLE; can never be modified therefore one of the most important things in the IOT is the guarantee and security of information; that is to say that when a machine or person requires a data is sure that the data or information is 100% reliable.  TANGLE guarantees data integrity.

DLT technology

In addition to all this; this technology; is approved of; quantum attacks; which makes it special for the IOT since up to now quantum computers are only in development; but in a few years especially the next decade if they exist and sure will begin to massify.

The only DLT technology; that is; currently prepared for quantum attacks is only IOTA TANGLE; so if you analyze well all that this technology offers; and is compared with the existing; ones you could conclude; that there is not something like this today and therefore everything indicates that the success of IOTA will be unstoppable in the coming years.

Saul Ameliach LATIN IOTA

Consultor Gerencial, Especialista en diseño e implementacion de Estrategias Digitales, Desarrollo de nuevos productos y Asesor en aplicaciones Tangle.

2020 evolution

Saul Ameliach said what, for the decade that comes 2020 – 2030 will be the decade of the internet of things; everything will be connected to the internet factories will be intelligent what is known as factories 4.0, products that are manufactured as household appliances; vehicles regulators, valves, sensors, TV, kitchen equipment; sound equipment, and so on. will have connection with the internet and therefore we must look for these devices speak the same language; have a reliable site where to store information in a decentralized; secure and immutable way, and also can make transactions between them and be able to market information and data and therefore be able to pay for those data and make micro payments etc. and for all this there is IOTA TANGLE.

We want to make a call to all those people; companies and institutions in Latin America who want to participate in the Community of Iota Latino; to join the portal of IOTA LATINO, (

so we can make that big jump in the region and create the network of Iota Latino (RIL) or Iota Latino Network (ILN); this way we will be working more united and we can support each other, exchange ideas and knowledge. Our organization IOTA LATINO, will be in the beginning a support for those who do not know about this technology; can learn from it and be able to develop projects.

We in our organization; intend to help the IOTA FOUNDATION; that is in Germany to deploy all the knowledge of its technology in this region of the world called Latin America.

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