Biography - Ing. Saul Ameliach Orta

Saul Ameliach OrtaManagement Consultant

Biography Saul Ameliach Orta

Saul Ameliach Orta was born in Valencia, Carabobo State – Venezuela, on March 19, 1968. He graduated from the Universidad Tecnológica del Centro (UNITEC) with a degree in finance.

He made advanced training courses in the development of Blockchain applications and its multiple applications such as intelligent contracts; digital notarization systems, reputation identity management, intellectual property, contracts; among many other uses that this revolutionary technology offers us.

Information Engineer. Consultant. Specialist in digital strategy design (SEO, SMO, ORM). Advisor in digital asset management. DLT expert and IOTA Tangle specialist.

Currently he is the President of IOTA Latino, with the objective of making known and spreading the IOTA TANGLE technology; throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

IOTA LATINO is an organization that aims to disseminate the IOTA TANGLE technology throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In this way we create a community that works in each country of our region to spread and make known this technology; in order to support the IOTA FOUNDATION to be a world standard for the Internet of things and the economy of M2M machines. We are convinced that IOTA will soon be the backbone of the Internet of Things.

Our organization IOTA LATINO will be initially a support; so that those who do not know this technology can learn from it and develop projects.

In our organization we intend to help the IOTA FOUNDATION in Germany to deploy all the knowledge of its technology in this region of the world called Latin America.

A few months ago I met with XDK2MAM and reviewed the project. As the founder of IOTA Latino, I was interested in what this project could enable in Venezuela and the Caribbean; where we are working hard to adopt Tangle and designing some proof of concept, while studying the IOTA protocol in depth.

So I contacted Daniel De Michele and Alejandro Elustondo from Argentina to start discussing how we could work together in the region; finally I invited them to our next IOTA Latino meeting in Valencia, Venezuela this December 1st.

This interview, the first I do for IOTA Hispano, aims to better understand what this project is about and why I think it will be important for IOTA; as it provides open source for others to create IO prototypes using the Bosch XDK 110.

Several international media outlets have reported on Saul Ameliach’s important initiative to promote Tangle technology in Latin America and the Caribbean. This was indicated by the voice of Galicia in his article that published the great potential of new DLT technologies and specifically IOTA TANGLE.