Meta IOTA Project starts up again due to recent progress


Finally there are some news about the development of the Meta IOTA Project and it is Bernardo Rodrigues, independent developer, who has found a possible way out of the stalemate of the project.

It seems that the Meta IOTA Project has been saved by the work of the developer. Since 2017 Rodrigues works with Yocto/OpenEmbedded.

He has carried out projects with BitBaked for Automotive Traffic Control in Brazil. One of his most recent achievements is to apply Yocto in a platform based on RCar H3 for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

The developer’s work on OpenEmbedded meta-iota has been well received by the IOTA Community. Because of this the IOTA Foundation Ecosystem Development Fund provides some incentives for the developer’s work.

It is also known that Bernardo Rodrigues has managed to push at least four projects: BitBake, iota.go, HORNET BitBake. He also has hands on a HoneycombOS Distro configuration in Meta-iota and has created application models for each one.

The work fits perfectly

In this way, the developer’s work fits perfectly as a key piece needed by the IOTA Foundation; proving that it is related to the Yocto Open Source Collaboration Project (YP).

The aim of the project is to provide a platform for developers to create customized systems based on Linux. Consequently, the result provides a set of versatile tools and an area where embedded developers around the world can share technologies.

From the IOTA Foundation they report that the Rodrigues project can make projects based on embedded Linux distributions based on Yocto achieve simple and fast integration.

It can also be added that Bernardo Rodrigues himself points out that the Yocto project and OpenEmbedded focus on IoT (Internet of Things) devices, as does the IOTA.

Finally, it is important to add that the development of the IOTA technology has not gone under the table in Latin America. Through IOTA Latino, chaired by Information Engineer Saúl Ameliach,, a specialist in Tangle, the development and knowledge about this technology has been promoted.

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