Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing - saul ameliach

2018 was a year full of innovations in the world of technology; several events were observed where prototypes of projects were presented such as autonomous cars, virtual reality, cellular equipment with folding screens and other features; now with the beginning of this 2019 comes strong artificial intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence has monopolized all sectors; and it is time to make the most of it with an excellent ally such as Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing and artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has exceptional opportunities in the field of digital marketing; some of the main ones that can be observed is that it allows predictive analysis, better experiences for customers and targeted marketing that will undoubtedly offer companies a better ROI.

By 2019 many specialists hope to reaffirm their confidence in this interesting technology, through additional processes such as Internet of Things (IoT), big data and Machine Learning; expecting excellent changes due to the applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing - saul ameliach

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing

The interaction between online activity and Artificial Intelligence is quite evident. Machines can easily predict buyer behavior and decisions and use that information to solve problems in the future.

An example of this excellent duo are intelligent tools such as Wordsmith. Articoolo and Quill that are already being used by The Associated Press and Forbes to create news that gets clicks to their websites.

Using templates and fill-in-the-blanks to enter data and keyword, they can generate unique content that gives the impression of being written by a human. So you’ve probably already read a couple of contents that were generated; by Artificial Intelligence, as BBC, CBS, New York Times and Reuters are also implementing this technology.

In fact, hundreds of articles in the Washington Post are already attributed to their own artificial intelligence technology, Heliograf.

A key point in marketing is the healing of content and artificial intelligence; can be part of it and is that it is not only capable of generating content, but also of curing it. The content cured by artificial intelligence will allow to connect better with the visitors of a certain web page and show them more relevant content.

This technique is commonly used to make personalized recommendations of content that may be interesting to the user; and example to this is the Netflix recommendation system, which is able to give you recommendations of movies and series that may interest you.

A great user experience is the only thing that keeps the audience flowing to the website, with the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing; it will be much easier to predict buyer behavior, search cycles, buyer image, etc. Another important thing is the ease of customer service; with chatbots as the perfect option to handle problems at a much faster pace.

Publicity is another excellent support for the success of a marketing job and accompanied by artificial intelligence; it will allow you to collect and analyze data from users and predict their behavior. Creating posters of brands according to the preferences of the audience who; in turn, would see the ads according to their interests.

With digital marketing infused with AI; search engines will be much smarter and risk-free; as AI can easily track user behavior and predict future decisions and web behavior.

Digital marketing based on Artificial Intelligence makes it easier to reach target audiences; as it helps find people based on their focus, demographics, interests and other aspects. Reaching the right people is very essential to bring value to your brand and your assets.

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