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WhatsApp dark mode is already on its way with many advantages

WhatsApp dark mode is already on its way with many advantages -

The famous application is already preparing one of its most awaited versions: WhatsApp dark mode. This goes into the development of a battery saving mode, which takes advantage of the dark mode of the platform.

Also, the goal of the new functionality is to reduce the energy consumption of the devices. However, on the other hand it is known that the company so far only develops the new WhatsApp dark mode for Android terminals, so it is possible that in the first instance, this function is only suitable for devices with this system.

Not officially announced

For the time being, the exact release date of the update for the app is unknown. Even so, some advances have already been posted on various web portals.

It seems that WhatsApp dark mode is really simple to operate. It is assumed that there will be a new section in the configuration of the app called “Theme”.

Here, a selection menu is displayed with three options: “Light” mode, which is the default theme of the app; “Dark” mode, which would be WhatsApp’s dark mode; and “Set by Battery Saver”, which is the power-saving mode.

This new feature is very much awaited by users because of the incredible usefulness it can have. Also, it would offer important advantages especially for terminals with OLED technology screens, which when detecting the dark mode turn off the pixels in the black areas of the screen.

This last one implies a considerable advantage. Devices with these screens more effectively preserve the phone’s battery consumption.

Finally, although the arrival of WhatsApp dark mode is not yet officially confirmed, users are eagerly waiting for it to come to light.

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