Saul Ameliach SEO Trends, New Techniques and Challenges in 2019

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After taking stock of the year and analyzing possible SEO trends, hundreds of catastrophic comments such as “SEO is dead” or “social networks and advertising platforms are the new mecca” come to light.

The reality is that web optimization in search engines is getting harder and more complicated every day; as more and more stops: content SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, mobile SEO, SEO of social networks, Video SEO and so on. Even so, companies continue to base their digital budget for 2019; on the need to capture qualified and segmented traffic through organic positioning.

That said, no matter how much some people insist on loading the SEO; search engine positioning is more alive than ever and, if you are one of the skeptics, these 2019 SEO trends are very useful when implementing it and know why SEO is still on the front line of any online strategy. Arm yourself with desire, strategy, tools (and a good agency or consultant) and embark on optimizing your website.

Saul Ameliach SEO trends for this 2019

In any case, among the SEO trends we find that many of the positioning actions have to take place on other platforms besides Google. But not only that: next year we will have to bet on new channels and technologies if we want to promote the SEO of our website in a remarkable way.  It is convenient to detail in which channels we will have to work if we want to position ourselves successfully.

SEO has a new focus for 2019, the way in which content has evolved in an attractive way, both for users and search engines presents a new innovation in the way we communicate. The appearance of semantic search, the mobile web and the indirect relevance of social networks make it necessary to carry out a new analysis exercise to detect possible opportunities and threats. But while many things change, some remain the same: focusing on the creation of relevant and quality content will always help.

The most successful for 2019 are:
  • Visual search: optimize for image search
  • Voice search: the era of voice
  • SEO for apps, a little-known scenario
  • Social television to stand out in social networks
  • SEO on Amazon
  • Content clusters
  • Blockchain SEO
  • Fred Algorithm

Each one of the SEO 2019 trends in search engines is marked, fundamentally, by the appearance of new search models: voice search and visual search begin to win.

The inclusion of Google Assistant and Google Lens in Android devices democratizes other types of searches to the detriment of the use of written words. These changes of trend is what will define a new way of doing SEO.

Also the mobile already has a great influence on the strategy of organic positioning, not only when positioning content on this device, but also with the SEO for apps. Whatever the SEO 2019 trends may be; what is a fact is that whatever we do must have the mobile as its neuralgic center.

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