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SEO and Copywriting

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SEO and Copywriting.

Do you have many visits on your online store but you don’t seem to sell as much as you hoped? or, on the other hand, you have worked a lot on your content but haven’t gotten as many visitors as expected? if you find yourself in one of these situations, believe it or not, the problem is that you haven’t made a combination between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Copywriting.

             Now that you know that SEO and copywriting go side by side, you’re surely asking yourself, but what is copywriting? Well copywriting is no more than persuading using your words. In a way that it convinces the users that get into your page to make that decision you so much want, to buy. But what about the SEO? This one’s job is to help you attract more people into your website. Meaning that if you do it properly, you’ll have more chances to escalate on different search engines such as Google and gain a lot more visits than what you usually get.

For this, if you made a good work on your original content, it’s important that you do a good job on the SEO so that it becomes more visible to users.

What advantages do the SEO and Copywriting have?

If on their own they make wonders, together they’re invincible. Pay attention to what we’re about to tell you about this powerful combination of SEO copywriting.

  1. An algorithm proof combination. Yes, you’ve read correctly, if you make a good use of both the SEO and copywriting you will have a website on point and algorithm proof.
  2. Search engines are continuously evolving, for that same reason the SEO evolves as well, to make sure that it can attract the attention of google’s algorithms (googlebot) or google spiders, as well as the other search engines there are.

That’s where your website or online store pops up, because if you want the search engines to notice you, you have to be constant with your content and the SEO of your website.

Obviously there are some “SEO techniques” which can position your website “faster”, resulting in your website obtaining more visits. But remember that all that goes up fast, comes down the same way.

But what is it that google really likes? this is where the copywriter comes into action. Because what the “Giant of search engines” (Google) values the most is the real and well done work. This means that there must be real “flesh and bone” users behind every work. Giving more importance to the naturality of the comments and those that are shared the most among other users.

In parallel with the work of the copywriter, comes the work of the SEO, whose work is to optimize the content of your webpage to simplify google’s job.

In other words, the different changes on the google algorithm are done with the intention that the results that appear first on searches are earned by self merit, that’s why the work of the SEO is so important, for it’s their work the one that gives the final touches to your content and website to ensure that it appears on the first results of the different search engines.

How to make a good SEO and copywriting job on your website?

How to make the meta descriptions? This is a really important step, for the meta descriptions are what appear on the web searches and they must provide a small resume of what your post is about and at the same time they must be attractive to ensure that your future customers to visit your page.

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