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What are regular expressions and how to use them in SEO?

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What are regular expressions and how to use them in SEO?In other words, everything new always causes a certain fear; and although when we talk about SEO

 Positioning we go back to a few years ago; even their regular expressions cause some concern in those who are not very familiar with the subject.

However, as time passes, those who dare to investigate positioning websites; begin to familiarize themselves with those symbols that in the end make communication much easier.

If this is your case, do not worry; in this post I will offer you some expressions that will be very helpful.

What are regular expressions?

First of all, what are regular expressions in SEO?; They are considered an essential part to get a better SEO positioning.


Because they help effectively in the process of character search.

Thanks to the regular expressions you will be able, in a simple way and without so many complications, to establish a pattern that will help you to find in the wide world of Internet any type of document or information that you need.

I can tell you a lot about RegEx. Surely at first you will see that they are somewhat complicated, but I assure you that as soon as you master them, everything will be much easier and faster.

What this tool offers you is to be able to decrease the search time (especially if it is about searching in data without any order).

Examples of regular expressions applied to SEO

When you see the phrase ”regular expressions” at a certain point in the SEO positioning, it is nothing more than a sequence of characters or symbols that together form a search pattern that tends to make it much easier to get results.

Where the use of these symbols can be most useful is in Google Analytics, as this tool helps us to know very accurately the position in which a website is.

Then the use of patterns allows you to locate different possible scenarios without the need to go to an endless list.

Next, in a small table you will see some characters that will make of the regular expressions a more powerful set, to obtain greater amplitude of search and, of course, better results.

It may not be easy to understand at the beginning, but I guarantee you that little by little and with the constant use of these characters you will be able to improve your search methods. Within the organic positioning must be taken into account many factors, take a look at this webinar and learn more about the keys to SEO On Page optimization.



Where regular expressions can be used?

Nowadays, with advanced search technology, there are many tools with which you can search with RegEx, but above all linked to the job you are most interested in, SEO.

You must keep in mind that in this article I only offer you the current tools. What I always recommend is to be up to date with Google updates.

Only then you can go with the latest in SEO positioning.

Google Analytics

Being one of the most used tools to be able to know all the relevant metrics of a web page. Analytics helps to determine which are those points to improve in order to achieve the positioning you are looking for. It is not surprising that it is one of the platforms that adapted to a more effective and efficient search method.

Because they know the benefits that this has. Nowadays, in Google Analytics you can filter the search according to your needs.

Crawlers to optimize pages

Today there are many programs or platforms that adapt to the reality and needs of a changing world.

Three of the best SEO tools on the market joined, among others, the new wave of regular expressions are Screaming Frog, Deep Crawl or Ryte.

With these tools you can get information of interest without having to spend endless hours searching long lists.

Text Editors

From the always reliable Word to the little used, but also fundamental, notebook of the Office system.

These products were updated with the most efficient search method in recent times.

Programming languages

It is no surprise that web programming experts have already developed this type of advanced search methodology for their own use.

Even they need to be able to establish much more effective information placement patterns.


The use of regular expressions as a tool to help locate informative material is essential.

As soon as you become familiar with the codes, everything will be much easier.

You just have to practice. As I always say, no one learns if they don’t practice, so let’s get to work and enjoy this facility at your fingertips that is offered to you for improvement.

SEO positioning is not a game, nor is it a task to be left to chance.

With so many advances, the best thing is to find a way to update yourself and, above all, to stay at the forefront of Google technology.

Don’t be afraid of these changes, take advantage of them and adopt them as your own, I recommend that you make a list with the most used RegEx and start with them first, then you will gradually adapt to the others.

Are you interested in learning how to position organically? In the Master in SEO and Search Engine Optimization you will learn this and many other questions that will make you become an SEO professional. What are you waiting for?


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