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IOTA authentication arrives on Yallvend vending machines

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The famous Blockchain-as-a-Service company, based in Taipei (Taiwan), BiiLabs, announces its partnership with vending machine developer Yallvend, to implement IOTA authentication protocols on their machines.

This cooperation is quite particular; since the decentralized identifiers (DID) of IOTA Tangle are involved. These identifiers will be used with the intention of offering reliable identification authentication; as well as secure for the sale of age-restricted products in vending machines.

Biilabs specializes in implementing the development of DLTs to push the boundaries of the IOT (Internet of Things). For this, the company has a preference for IOTA technology, as is the case with Yallvend vending machines.

The IOTA DID authentication protocols, applied to the machines, allow products that have age restrictions to be sold with efficient security.

Today’s machines are not enough

Today, vending machines all over the world have this big problem: they cannot accurately identify the buyer when selling age-restricted products, such as tobacco and alcohol, for example.

Some work through a physical identity document, which in turn is not exactly reliable, since nothing guarantees that it necessarily belongs to the buyer.

Also, in various parts of the world, many products are sold through these vending machines. For example, in Japan and Germany, alcohol and tobacco are among them.

In Germany, however, all vending machines have an identity verification system. On the other hand, in Japan they also have their own legal regulations.

The solution from the hand of IOTA

Yallvend together with BiiLabs present the first “vending upgrade kit” in the world.

So, the old machines can be updated; in this way they also use IOTA’s DID authentication protocols.

Finally, it is known that users can easily verify their identity; this is done through purchase with the user’s smartphone.

In this way, in the DIDs system, a protocol is initiated by generating a serial number designed for each user. After this, a receipt is generated with a time stamp so that the invoicing is confirmed; then, the identity information, date, time and location are sent to the vending machine: so, this way preventing unauthorizmaed access.

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